Patagonia: Don’t buy this Jacket

Good business based on two main things, buying and selling. To drive the business forward, businesses have to convince people to buy their products or service. However, business strategies are opposite to environmental issues. The way to help the environment is to reduce or to stop buying products that not really important. It makes business and environment cannot go along with each other.

I was curious about how companies advertise themselves as an environmentally friendly company and how effective it is. Then, I found one company that has a unique campaign. The company is Patagonia.

The campaign called ‘Don’t buy this jacket’. Patagonia tries to tell consumers to stop buying what they don’t need.

This campaign has a critic that it is just a marketing strategy to sell more product. I research more on the company and found out that it has a second-hand shop, a service to repair products for customers and recycle products. It is an effective way to tell people that the company is environmentally friendly by doing not just making a campaign.



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