Advertisements and Propaganda, Propaganda and Advertisements

Paratchaporn Thammakoranont
1 min readSep 12, 2020

From my previous blog name ‘Advertisement vs Propaganda’ I describe that advertisement is more like selling products or service and propaganda is to convey beliefs or though. Perhaps both of them look like they are not the same but it can be said that propaganda is one of the methods of advertising. For example, in 2018, there is an advertisement called Unrepeatable Photograph. This advertisement is made by a chocolate company named Trapa. The main thing about this advertisement is to tell about deforestation in Indonesia because they want to grow palm trees instead. They have a photoshoot in the forest that predicts deforestation. They predict that the photo will not be able to reshoot again because they will no longer forest there. Palm oil is one of the ingredients in chocolate so the company advertises that they do not use palm oil and sell their chocolate.

There are many other companies that use this kind of method, like Nike: Dream crazy, Adidas: Billie Jean King Your Shoes, Vivo: #MyGameMyName, etc. This method goes into people’s hearts and minds smoothly then leave an impression of the brand product in people’s minds.

Advertisement campaign topic

  1. Human right
  2. Empower women
  3. Equal Race/Nationality
  4. Equal disability people
  5. Environmental issue
  6. Health

Advertisements and propaganda are going together. Propaganda makes the product and brand look good. In the end, they can sell their products. Most of the advertisements in Cannes Lion Award-Winning: International festival of creativity, will use this kind of method.